Gypsy soul.

Expressions of an islander’s gypsy soul.

This writer I follow is blessed with such skill in written expression.  This “Joshua Tree & the art of Longing”…had to be shared..because it was like reading the things that swirl around in my mind everyday as I bike, run, & practice yoga as my daily rituals… being outside in nature on the trails…I am in a constant daydream of distant islands, lagoons, waterfalls, and tropical flowers.. the places I was made for .. the adventure I’ve been designed for…



infinite satori

Play me first.

_DSC0519 copy

I am sitting in my sun-drenched backyard, listening to the wind play with the fruit trees. Gazing up at the clouds floating past me. Then I hear a plane. That feeling comes again, my heart flutters and tries to escape from my chest. To go back to the road. To go back home.

It’s been almost a year since I left Asia. I feel out of my element. I miss it as if it were the first and only lover I will ever have. But I am here for the road, and I’m working to be on it indefinitely. I’ve kept my balance with patience. But my heart can’t help it, I’m longing for home.

My mind drifts to that dream I had many nights ago. I was paddling out in warm crystal blue waters somewhere in Bali with a bunch of surfers. One looked back and…

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